Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The reassuring defect

The teeth gap seems to be the new black.Models with this slight imperfection in these days are chosen for ad campains and photoshoots.
Do these teeth make them more interesting or more in touch with real people?
Is it time to be opened to a non traditional kind of beauty? Are "defects" now allowed?
Oh,come on,these tall, skinny uber beautiful girls are not the tipical girl next door.
This "defect" is not something we can identify ourself with,not something that will make us less influenced by the perfect girl stereotype or more confident with our look.
What do you think?

Modelle con denti imperfetti sono molto popolari ultimamente e vengono ripetutamente scelte per campagne pubblicitarie e servizi di moda.
Questa bocca imperfetta le rende più interessanti o vengono scelte perchè sembrano più vicine alla gente?
E' tempo di aprirsi ad una bellezza meno tradizionale? Sono ammesse modelle con dei difetti?
Non illudiamoci,queste bellissime,magre ragazze non sono certo la ragazza che si incontra per strada: i denti separati non sono un difetto che ci rende meno influenzate dal modello della ragazza perfetta o più sicure del nostro aspetto.
Che ne pensate?


Kathryn said...

It depends on what item they are trying to sell. In some cases a little different or even a plain look look or slight imperfection can be refreshing and make the model seem more "real" and someone people can relate more with (ex: "Flo" that mans the Progressive insurance "store" in the commercials is a success for that reason).

In this case I think she was chosen because she is the daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall and the "imperfection" celebrated/tolerated because he is the daughter of celebrities. If she were not, I doubt she would ever make it as the gap in the teeth is distracting and gives what she is selling a "cheaper" look when she flashes it.

Vanessa said...

Well, sorry girls, but I think teeth gaps are just ugly.

xoxo. Vanny