Monday, February 7, 2011

DIY inspiration: Ropes

Today DIY inspiration is rope. Ropes are easy to handle, come in a wide variety of colours,shapes,dimensions.You can istantly decorate something with ropes.

1) They are great with tassels and you can immediately make a belt with the rope used to tie curtains.
2) You can experiment some knots and use them to decorate a top, to make shoulders straps

3)make a nice braid to make a bracelet or use plenty of them to make a necklace

4) glue pieces of ropes on shoes,choose red and blue for a nautical inspiration or neon colours that are so in trend right now.

In the first and last pic there are some extreme examples of clothes made with ropes. They're completely covered with ropes,the first one it sick! I love it!

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Giulia said...

Wow wonderful post!
The first dress is amazing, and I also like the colorful necklace!!

I love your blog!
I follow you!

Take a look of my blog if u have time!! ;)

from Italy