Sunday, January 2, 2011

DIY lab: cut out dress
spanish moss


Charcoal Twist Maxi Dress

Bona Drag

The DIY inspiration of today comes from these cut out dresses really in the moment.The unespected cut out detail on the ribs is strategic,sexy but not vulgar is wearable by everyone.
I made a selection of these dresses for you, you can click on the images to shop them.
If you have some time we can have some fun cutting out a dress we already own.Try on the dress and in front of the mirror visualize where to cut the dress, on your ribs.Mark with pins where width and the height of the cut,just where it has to start and where to end.
Take off the dress draw a triangular shape,the shape of the part you have to cut, pin it on your dress and cut it out paying attention to leave space for a seam,make sure you leave enought space at the center to keep the dress together.
Refine the cut with a seam.
You can cut the dress only on the front till the lateral sewing or cut it both sides.
You can sew on the borders of your cut a beaded,sequined or studded trim if you like and you're done.

I find very interesting the dress sold at bona drag, the knot detaling on the front.
It looks like this dress can be done with a huge t-shirt dress or a big men's shirt.
Plus for a more parisienne,glamour look you can even make this dress with silk scarfs, even famous brands ones like gucci or hermes turning your diy project in a unique fashion piece.
I'll try to make it and then i'll get back to you with the tutorial!


shopnowsavelater said...

please do that would be great!

Matter Of Style said...

Hi Tysha surprisely i found a tutorial for this dress,i have to try it,i'm experimenting some draping at the moment
here's the link: