Sunday, January 30, 2011

13 ways to recycle zippers and make amazing jewelry

My Scarf Zipper NecklaceMy Scarf Zipper Necklace
Intense Whirl Zipper Necklace

The Alien Zipper NecklaceNevermore Raven CuffZipper Braid BraceletZipper Bow BraceletThe Heart Beat Zipper BraceletTWO Brass Zipper Bracelets
Unchain My Heart Zipper NecklaceSINUOUS CONTOUR Zipper NecklaceRed and black Rock bold statement - zipper cones necklaceFIESTA MEXICANA - Zipper NecklaceTime Spiral Zipper Necklace

Zippers are such a good DIY inspiration,they are easy to handle and when you put more together the wow effect is assured.
I want to share with you some jewelry made with zippers.You can either diy them or buy them clicking on the image.

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