Sunday, December 26, 2010

Origami T-shirts

Another psot on origami fashion but it's something i'm really interested right now.
I saw this project and i'm really jealous i have no sotware like the one it has been used to make these t-shirts.It would be impossible to project a cloth with all these pieces just with human brain.Modern softwares for pattern making use body scanner,then with the program you can draw the cloth you want and then print it. Perfect fit is assured.

The Digital T-shirt Project, by Mashallah Design and Linda Kostowski, is an interesting integration of fashion and technology. Using the data from three scanned human bodies, a digital pattern is created. The pattern is then laser cut into multiple pieces and then sewn together to create the final garment. The result is a origami-esque sculptural wearable.


Vanessa said...

You must be a genius! o__o
How have you made the dog (???) ?
I must try it, too!

Matter Of Style said...

i haven't made this, as written in the post this is a project by Mashallah Design and Linda Kostowski has been made with computer programs to obtain the scheme!

Vanessa said...

Oh, sorry, I thought so, because I hadn't really read the text ^^'

But it's also great and the must be a way to do it without this computer program...

I'll try it when I've time :)

Matter Of Style said...

don't worry! :)
of course there's a way,it can be done with origami, choose an origami then make 2 of them, on one number all the pieces;
open the other one and cut all the pieces then use them as a pattern to cut the fabric,sew all the pieces and you've done!
beware that a big origami as the wolf face won't hold a standing position without being stuffed!

Vanessa said...

If I do it, I'll make a cardigan, without the wolf. :3