Sunday, December 12, 2010

DIY:broken keyboard jewelry

What to do with a broken keyboard?Make some jewelry with it!
Is it possible?Never fear to try.
What i've tried is to make a pretty necklace,the fun thing is that you can write a message with it
Today message? I'm out of control
How is it made? Follow me

take a broken keyboard

Gently pull off the selected keys
With a finger press a key and insert a pencil under the one nearby and pull

This is how the key looks like upside down

With a paper trimmer cut the part that comes off the key

repeat for all the chosen keys

Now fill your keys with silicon you can find it in every hardware stores

Let it dry

Now take a colored plastic cover or a plastic sheet

and glue wour keys onto that with a superglue

Decor the borders cutting them as you like
Make two holes at the border of the necklace so you can add a chain to it
and you've done!

Now you have your broken keyboard necklace! Enjoy!