Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bunny Rings

Nerd Bunny £45.00

Large Animal Ring
Cute Bunny Ring edition urban outfitters

Digby & Iona - Big Bunny Ring

Me & Zena

Bunny rings are so cute,have a look at this selection i've made for you!


royal princess said...

Hi ,

I would like to know where could i purchase the nerd bunny? I tried contacting the designer on their website however to no avail.

you could contract me at: anastasiaghui@hotmail.com

hope to hear from you soon!

Best Regards,

Matter Of Style said...

@royal princess
Hi Anastacia, I saw the ring was by Apple tree and sold at kabiri.co.uk
The ring is now sold out.
I also saw a similar ring was sold by topshop almost one year ago.
this one

I suggest you to have a look at ebay that is the perfect place to find things that other shops don't sell anymore. You may not find it immediately but I suggest you to be persistent and keep searching because in my experience things always pop up one day or another,
hoping my comment was useful,
have a nice day bye
and come back! ^__^