Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Over the sky and above:topshop shoes s/s 2011 preview

Topshop perspex wedges for S/S 11

This a preview of the spring summer Topshop shoes collection,it's all about tassels and perpex and wedges. I love the woven details but i'm not sure if i'll be able to walk in them!
We should open a discussion on perpex heels.At first they were strippers heels but then they have been revaluated by prada with her chandelier heels. I have to say perpex has a sci-fi,futuristic appeal that i love.In these particular topshop heels there's contrast,it's like past meets future because we have a leather work that evokes handcraft and the perpex heel that speaks of future.I still have to think about them.
It's fun that some of the fashion we're thinking for the future,leather,studs perpex,metallic details it's the same fashion we've seen is some sci-fi films set in the future shot throughout the ages,it's like we're living the future in the exact way we thought it would be.

Un assaggio della collezione di scarpe estiva di topshop. Intrecci,pennacci e zeppe di plexiglass. Adoro i dettagli intrecciati ma non so se sarĂ² in grado di camminarci.
Dovremmo aprire una discussione sui tacchi di plexi. Prima solo appannaggio delle spogliarelliste sono stati sdoganati di prada con la sua proposta chandelier heels.Per quanto mi riguarda il plexiglass ha un appeal molto futuristico.Queste scarpe di topshop sono costituite dal contrasto tra passato e futuro. I dettagli in pelle evocano artigianato mentre il tacco in plexi guarda al futuro, devo pensarci un po' su.
E' divertente vedere che la moda che oggi indossiamo come quella pensata per i prossimi anni come pelle,borchie,dettagli metallici sia la stessa che abbiamo visto nei film di fantascienza degli ultimi 30 anni, sembra che stiamo vivendo il futuro proprio come l'avevamo pensato!


Anonymous said...

It's true, perspex heels do conjure up images of strippers and prostitutes (or Taylor Momson)but Topshop have made them look cool, like it does with everything!

Unknown said...

Yes to all of this

Unknown said...

Would have loved a pair of those. Been looking all over for the designer Mel Cohen, anyone have a clue. Well there will always be something missing in my shoe collection ...how did I miss these!!!! I say these deserve a repeat debut.. Lets find the designer!!!!

Matter Of Style said...

Hi Pamela, I couln't find these too, maybe they have been for Unique runway only. Topshop sold a similar pair but without the perspex heel, don't know if this has been a limited edition I missed.

Unknown said...

Yes perhaps Ho hum. Thinking ...custom making some. Thanks for your response. And it appears that Mel Cohen us short for Melanie she is an officer of topshop shoe design dept. Anyways if only runway need to rethink that one..