Monday, November 8, 2010

Lanvin for H&M unvealing the whole collection

Lanvin per H&M: tutte le immagini e i prezzi Part. 1
After talking and waiting for this collection here are the pieces we're going to buy hopefully at H&M the 23th. There are a lot of lovely pieces, if i could i would buy them all but the truth is that it will be hard to get one.
All these rules and selected stores thing is insane. If you haven't read them yet here they are:
  • first thing arrive early (will see if the queue will be overnight)
  • you have to be one of the lucky ones that catches a bracelet (there are 320 in total)
  • wait for your turn
  • then you have 15 minutes to shop the collection and you can buy one for each piece of the collection
if you don't catch the bracelet you'll have to wait the end of the 320 queue and then you can shop the remaining pieces.
If you can't reach one of the chosen h&m you can pay these dresses for double on ebay the day after.
Let me tell you this shopping session seems more a battle.
Maybe all these complicated rules are made for distracting us from realizing we're buying overpriced h&m dresses.
These capsule designers collections should be sold in every h&m, this won't make them less exclusive and wanted.

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