Thursday, November 11, 2010

DIY lab:The candy wrappers purse

A friend of mine went to New York and brought me as a present a coin purse by Nahui Ollin. I had already seen them online but i never had one of these in hand. These bags are made of candy wrappers folded and framed together. They form a line of paper then sewn together to form a thick fabric.
I wanted to find out how were they made and do a bag on my own! I made the one you see above!
We don't have these kind of candy wrappers but we can subsistute them with the paper of our fashion magazines! We just have to pull out the pages and cover them with scotch paper, the wide one to do it fast and then cut 2"x4.5" pieces.
The result will be fun, you'll have a lot of colored squares!
I warn you:to make a bag you'll need a lot of time but the result will repay you!
You can have of variety of final effects based on the paper you choose, you can choose a single color paper and obtain an effect similar to bottega veneta purses!Or a floral one in this case you'll see random pieces of flowers. Animal print, the leopard one will work well too and it's in fashion right now.
Wanna make this bag?
read a full tutorial here

Other possible styles
bags by ecoist

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