Thursday, November 18, 2010

Defying gravity: Finsk shoes

Today i wanted to share with you these shoes that seem more art installations.These shoes are The Finsks, designed by Julia Lundsten and push the borders of the classical shoes further. You maybe have seen a popular version of these shoes, the one below but there's more.

The platform take the upper hand over the heel. It grows and becomes the protagonist. In the first picture we see the last design. The shoe floats in the air grounded only by the giant platform like a helium inflated balloon hold by a thread. Shoes are getting higher and higher, designers are getting obsessed by height but maybe more with longer and longer legs.Platform made possible to went over the 12 cms heel and seems like there's no limit. If all womens wore these shoes we would see the born of a new species: giraffe womens with the head in the sky who walk slowly with heavy feet. Everyone of them would be lost in thought because they would be too tall to see what is happening around them.
Joking aside. Maybe these shoes aren't comfortable to wear, they're not your ankle best friend but they're an interesting concept, do you agree?


Anonymous said...

Theses shoes are bonkers and beautiful. You could only wear them however if you had a personal hand holder to ensure you never toppled over.

Matter Of Style said...

what would happen if you stamp on somebody's foot? °__°