Friday, October 29, 2010

The masquerade Ball
After the big Vogue masquerade ball even Grazia hosted a similar party and with the upcoming Halloween it's time to grab the opportunity to play with fashion and mystere and wear a mask!
Look at some ideas i found surfing:

Black Mask Sunglasses - photo
Mask sunglasses, even with added nose

Tiger Swallowtail Leather Mask
Leather butterfly mask buy it here

Dances Of Vice Valentines Day Mask-Sweetheart by Kathe Knitch
Marie Antoinette, here
Super Sexy Black Leather and Lace Applique Cat Mask.
The leather cat mask

Lace Bat Mask
Lace bat, here

Lace mask
Lace mask, here
Lace Mask and Choker Swarovski Crystal Halloween Goth
Would it be cool do it on our own?

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

Would it be cool to do it on your own?

Yeah, it would be really great! :)

xoxo, Vanny