Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Men on High heels

A Strange thing happened on Iris Van herpen fashion show: a male model walked the catwalk in high heels and long leather dress.
First let's give a clap to this man that could walk on those impossible heels!
Clothes that are a thermometer of social custom tell us that the differences between man and woman are becoming less defined and rigid. With the affirmation of women rights a new
androgynous model of being is emerging.To understand who others are we have to get to know people, explore their world, we just can anymore classify people by the same old clich├ęs of gender classifications.
On her last video of Lady Gaga, Alejandro men danced on heels and made a choreography with smooth moves suitable for a woman and then she posed for Vogue Japan as a man Joe Calderone.

if you want to know what if feels to be a man or al least look like a man, you can try to buy Asos new collection Girls will be Boys
A Blur song (Girls and Boys) says
Girls who are boys
Who like boys to be girls
Who do boys like they’re girls
Who do girls like they’re boys
Always should be someone you really love

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