Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jeremy Scott prosciutto dress

If you were wondering why models are so thin i might have the answer:because in the last days they have been wearing food instead of eating it.
After the Lady Gaga meat dress by Franc Fernandez at the VMAs here's the prosciutto dress from Jeremy Scott.
Gaga has justified her outfit choice saying that she doesn't want to be considered a piece of meat.
Her goal was to shock people and she did it. For me it was just a waste of food. Wear cold raw meat? What was she thinking? And this prosciutto dress? These models look like grissini al prosciutto a tasteful antipasto.
Next time we're buying prosciutto:please give me 1 meter i have to make a skirt with it.
Can you please cut another slice, i would like to put a ruffle on the back!
A prosciutto skirt would be a guilt free excuse to wear the skirt only once!
Picture of Mesclun with Prosciutto Grissini Recipe

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