Sunday, September 19, 2010

DIY Lab: the scarf bag

Here's another easy to do diy, the scarf bag!
I found this surfing the net, it's called Furoshiki, it's the antique japanese art of folding piece of fabric to carry different stuff.
Basically you just have to fold your favorite scarf into a bag.
Not only you can use your scarf, you can even cut a square piece of your choosen fabric and go!
The pictures will show you how to do it:

fold the scarf in half.
make a knot at one side, this knot should divide your side in 2 equal partsdo the same at the other side
now open the tringle you made and flip it over
put the knots into the rhombus
lift the scarf taking it by the 2 other sides and you obtain a bag shape
now knot the other 2 sides together
do it again to form the handles
and you're done!
Now watch this wideo from a famous furoshiki store, it will teach you other simple shapes
Did you like it?

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