Thursday, December 12, 2013

The art of gift wrapping

creative gift wrapping ideas
pop up decoration by Justina Blakeney

Presentation is everything. Even if you found the perfect gift for your loved ones don't forget to wrap it in appelling packaging. Here's a collection of brilliant ideas to make your gifts even more special. Your friends will lose their minds wondering what's hiding in such sophisticated packaging.
The first clever idea for an unexpected packaging is the pop-up decoration above. Lifted over a spring  gives a tridimensional effect to the gift, genius!

rosemary gift wrapping
Rosemary gift wrap via Laurie Kaiser

This sweet package gives us the suggestion of using aromatic herbs to decorate our gifts, you'll not only delight the eye, but also give a natural scent to the package, a detail that creates an even deeper memory of the moment. The rosemary has a really pleasant scent and its shape is similar to the Christmas tree. Lavender or laurel are also a great choice.

fabric pom pom decorations
via FGGD

Another natural element used as ornament, a tiny tree branch decorated with two fabric pom poms that look like dandelions, a really delicate choice. As you can see in the packages above, simple kraft paper and cord are enough to make a great elegant and minimal package.

snowflake paper presser gift wrapping
via heart handmade

A lot of package to do and little time to decorate them? No panic, a paper shapers will help you do the job in no time. They're available in a variety of shapes.

tartan and bow tie gift wrapping
via Sweet Paul mag

Wrap it in tartan. Stylish, British and really appropriate for a man's gift.  A real bow-tie instead of a gift bow is the final, elegant touch.

paper balls gift wrapping
via Ann Magritt

Look at the pink honeycomb paper balls in this pic. They may look complicated to do, but they're not. I've always made them like this: cut circles from tissue paper, fold them in half and put them next to each other like pages of a book, then glue two of them together in two or three spot and continue with every circles to obtain the tridimensional sphere. I didn't know that some shops sell honeycomb paper sheets that make everything even quicker!  These paper balls could be added to the gift bow.

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