Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Let's talk about Isabel Marant for H&M

isabel marant for h m

This year H&M chose to collaborate with Isabel Marant. The collection will hit selected H&M stores the 14th of November. Isabel Marant is the designer of the "sneaker meet wedge" it-shoes that has been seen everywhere. Her collections are simply effortless cool. This is an abused expression, but I think she manages to create cool looks without the need of overcomplicated designs. Her collections are very wearable and yet her style is still recognizable.
I think that's because Isabel Marant has a great understanding of street style, she knows what people like to wear and this reflects also in this h&m collection. It's a sort of "best of" her past collections and unlike some others H&M collaborations with famous labels in which they opted for eye-catching designs, you can imagine a lot of everyday situations in which you can wear Isabel Marant for H&M. The only downside of wearability is that many pieces aren't clearly recognizable as "Marant", you could also get that grey coat or that red coated jeans elsewhere, but that's because Isabel Marant style is a mood created with the way clothes are styled together so in order to get the "Marant look" you have to get the whole outfit in my opinion.

isabel marant style story

We can learn many styling lessons watching past Isabel Marant runways, new cool ways to match clothes that we own like pairing sequin trousers with a denim jacket or put together a military green with a feminine mini skirt. So what clothes are part of Isabel Marant vision, those that appeared over and over in her collections? Mini ruffle skirts, short dresses with ruffles and low waist dresses, red trousers, shorts, fringed boots, ethnic patterns, micro patterns,  many belts, minimal coats. Colors like grey, black, red, white are the most used, then pink, sand, gold, military green and  light blue.
Despite her parisian origins I can see a lot of country, cowboy vibe into her collections with a touch of ethnic and gipsy style.

isabel marant for h m most wanted items

 Speaking of Marant recognizable pieces in the H&M collection, those that probably will fly off the shelves faster are the fringed boots, the ethnic jacket and the sought after painted white jeans in the men section,. - P.S. There is no row at men's section, there you can shop immediately without waiting in line so be sure to check it first! 

isabel marant for h m sequin pumps

The accessories from the collection are mostly belts and scarves, fringed boots for day  looks and pumps covered in sequins for the night (a possible diy?). The iconic wedge shoe remained inexplicably out of the collection.

See below my favorite pieces from the collection. See the whole collection here.

the best of isabel marant for h m

The downside of online lookbooks is that you can't have a real life experience of the clothes. You can't touch the fabrics, or know how clothes feel on so until you see them in person you can't say if they are worth the price. Where did you get that provided good size fitting tips for those who will shop the collection online. As for other H&M designer collaborations, prices are definitely higher than regular H&M prices.  I shopped past designer collections and I can say that the quality of fabrics is better than regular h&m collections and details are more refined. On the other hand, today there are plenty of designer collaborations with low cost chains to choose from and other chances to buy past designer collections at competitive prices. However if Isabel Marant is your favorite designer this is the chance to wear one of her iconic pieces. Prices are lower in the kid's section so if you can fit those clothes you'll grab a bargain. As happened for the past years the collection will hit ebay, but be prepared for doubled prices, at least for the first few months. What are your favorite pieces? Will you shop the collection?


hiPop said...

Love how you summed up the IMxHM collection! My fav pieces are the sequined leggings! :)



Matter Of Style said...

thank you HiPop, love them too and I kind of have an idea on how to make them! :)