Saturday, October 26, 2013

Quick and surprising Halloween crafty ideas

diy skull candles halloween
DIY candles without wax and skull glasses by Luxirare

So you planned your Halloween outfit, you also crafted a costume for your pet, now it's time to transform your house into a spooky mansion. A few touches are enough to create the atmosphere. I've found some clever ideas that will make your guests go "wow, cool" that don't require too much time to set up. Luxirare teaches us how to make beautiful candles without messing up with wax, the Band wife made bookends that are halloween approriated and also a cool piece of design for all year round. The artist Shane Waltener uses doilies to make spiderwebs that are also very nice to see. Dip into this collection and don't forget to share with me your tips to transform the house for halloween.

monster cake halloween
Monster cake and cakepops via think different act normal
Cake pops and cake all in one.

skull bookends
skull bookends by The Band Wife Blog
spiderweb doilies halloween
Shane Waltener spiderweb doilies via make craft
bananas and oranges via Christen Prudence
diy mummy lights halloween
mummy lights by Sticky fingers
pumpkins peeking out halloween
cute pumpkins peeking out via All you
dead roses diy wreath halloween
Black rose wreath by First home love life


Anonymous said...

Good-looking things!

Unknown said...

Some great ideas :) Love those crystal skulls!