Saturday, September 21, 2013

DIY painted plastic earrings

diy painted plastic earrings inspired by Burberry, diy jwelry

diy painted plastic earrings inspired by Burberry, diy jewelry, fashion diy

Being able to watch the fashion trends of next spring is inspiring and exciting. The only downside of fashion weeks is waiting six months to wear those clothes. Don't worry if you're impatient,  there's nothing you can't do with the help of your hands. Get inspiration from the runways, bring your personal touch to the design to get your own brand new accessory to wear.
Today I got inspiration from the Burberry Prorsum collection. Christopher Bailey makes modern, young clothes enriched with beautiful details that any girl just want to wear. Spring 2014 collection makes no exception. It's all played around pastel colors and big jewel decorations. It's girly and delicate as much as the fall collection is rock and strong.  Bags have a simple shape and some of them are embellished with tiny 3D plastic flowers, a detail that in my opinion can make beautiful earrings. I used a plastic bottle, nail polish and a blow dryer to make them. See how.

burberry prorsum spring 2014 bags
Burberry Prorsum spring 2014

You'll need:
  • a plastic bottle
  • a blow dryer
  • two half beads
  • nails and earrings backs
  • glue
  • transparent thread
  • nail polish

Fold in half a piece of paper and draw half of a flower on it.
Use the pattern to cut two flowers out of the plastic bottle.

Sew the half bead at the center of the flower with the transparent thread.
Hold the flower in your hand and shape the petals with the blow dryer. Heat the plastic and fold each petal with your fingers.

Glue the earring nails at the back.

Earrings are ready. You can leave them crystal clear or you can add a touch of colour with nail polish.

Mix clear nail polish with a drop of colored one and paint the petals with the brush.


Charlotte said...

What a great idea!
I might make several of these and make them into a statement necklace.
Thanks for the tutorial! x

Paula said...

This is awesome!!! These would make a cute and interesting necklace. I am so trying this.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Unknown said...

Awesome idea!!

Unknown said...

Great recycling idea! Thanks for sharing! :)