Friday, July 5, 2013

Cut Out Festival dress DIY

cut out diy festival dress, cut out t-shirt, cut out diy

Recently Boohoo invited me to customize one of their maxi shirt dress to create the perfect look to wear at summer festivals. They also sent me a DIY kit to have fun with.
I decorated the dress with roses, crown and a winged heart with the rock writing inspired by the classic tattoo drawings and the spirit of rock.

Boohoo DIY kit

Glue (diyer best friend)  puffy paint and lots of stick on gems.
Lot's of good stuff but today all you need is
  • carbon paper (for fabric)
  • scissors 

cut out diy festival dress, diy cut out

cut out diy festival dress, cut out diy

Thanks to my sister for modeling for me.

Wear the dress and insert a pin where you want the cut out part to start. It can be on knees or above them.
Measure the length from the pin to the hem of the dress, this it the height of your triangle.
Measure the width of the front panel of the dress at the hem and this is the base of your triangle.
Draw your triangle on paper and use the shape as a guideline.
Draw into it whatever you like.
Every part of your drawing must be divided into small parts because you don't want to create big holes into the fabric.
Don't cut out hems to keep the dress intact.

Put the dress on your table and fold it in half vertically to find the middle of the front.
Baste the center line so your drawing will be well centered!

Place the carbon paper between the dress and the drawing and trace the outline of the drawing.
Put the dress on a stiff surface and press the pen to be sure the drawing will be transferred on the fabric.
I also added two little birds just under the bust. One on each side.

 Now the fun part!

The drawing transferred on fabric.

Follow the drawing and cut inside the edges with a sharp pair of scissors.

cut out dress diy

This is how it looks once cut. That's it! Repeat for every drawing on your dress.

Now that you have the dress let's talk about music festivals around Europe and the tour dates you can't miss (in my opinion) if you're around (tour dates in the link).
My suggestions are
The Exit festival in Serbia which is getting bigger and bigger every year. Five days of music from 10th of July to the 14th.
Prodigy, David Guetta, Fat boy Slim will perform among others.

Which concerts you just can't miss this summer? Send me suggestions, they're really appreciated!


Unknown said...

Waaaw this looks great!! :) I really love it! You did an amazing job.

Will you go to any of the festivals? I would love to go to Exit but don't have the time.

Matter Of Style said...

Thank you Barby!!
I'd love to go! Depeche mode at least! :D

Gloria-GloriouslyChic said...


omg you always have the BEST DIYs!!!

Ely said...

Loooove it!!!!!

Sylvia Salas - Dare to DIY said...

Hi!! This came out incredible! I actually had this idea on my "DIY standby list" haha inspired by those laser cut garments, but I wanted to make it on a top. I'll show you the result when I'm done. Hope mine looks as good as yours


ali khan said...

great fashion stuff... i love it...

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! Such a great DIY :-)

Matter Of Style said...

thank you girls!
@sylvia can't wait to see yours! :)

Paula said...

Will the material not fray at all? Looks awesome in the final pics :-)

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Matter Of Style said...

@Paula it doesn't fray , if you want to be super sure you can give a layer of fabric glue on the back of the dress along the edges.
Do it on the back if you don't want it to show on the front!