Sunday, July 8, 2012

Floating claw ring DIY

punk ring, floating ring, fashion diy, ring diy
punk ring, floating ring, fashion diy, ring diy

I trasformed these chili pepper beads (I bought them in a chain similar to this one) into claws to make  a floating punk ring.  It wraps around a finger and sits between two. I used a chrome spray paint to color them and I'm positively surprised by how they shine! If you want to make one similar here's how to do it.

Ho trasformato queste perline a forma di peperoncino in artigli utilizzando della vernice spray cromata e li ho utilizzati per realizzare un un anello punk che decora lo spazio tra due dita. Ecco come realizzarne uno simile:
  • Con l'aiuto delle pinze curvate il filo metallico intorno alla prima perlina
  • curvate il filo per realizzare la forma dell'anello
  • aggangiate con il filo anche la seconda perlina e bloccatelo
  • ultimate l'anello spruzzandolo di vernice spray cromata

 You'll need: chilli pepper beads, pliers, metallic wire, chrome spray paint
Wrap the wire around the first bead
Make a ring shape and wrap the wire around the second bead
Once done spray paint the ring with silver chrome paint


Unknown said...

pretty sweet turnout! I never thought of chili pepper beads haha <3

The Flight of Fancy

Carmen Varner said...

That's way rad.I don't have any beads like that, but thanks for the inspiration. Now I'll be on the lookout.

♥ It's Carmen

Anonymous said...

quanto mi piace *_*
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Sylvia Salas - Dare to DIY said...

I'm impressed! You always come out with wonderful ideas!

Amalia Athanaeleas said...

Alessia this is incredible! I never would have guessed they were chili pepper beads! Great job!
Smart n Snazzy

SJ said...

Awesome DIY. Will try it ASAP :)

UII Official said...

eww..that's hot like a chili pepper.

ABI said...

I love it!!! Very creative :)



G├╝ler said...

waaow its perfecto:)

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Fashionobsession-mieni said...

Oh wow this ring is awesome!! Such a great idea! i think it is some one special and such an eyecatcher! Love it!

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xx Macie said...

Completely radical. Thanks for sharing.

amen fashion xo.

Matter Of Style said...

thank you! I'm so happy you liked it! :D