Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Discover the DIYer secret weapon and make a pair of studded earrings

Learn how to turn some harmless pearls into these spiky mines.
Firstly I'll give you a good excuse to buy new nail polish. From now on we are not only using them to paint our nails but also as a diy secret weapon. New shades for nails are out very often. There are almost an infinite variety of colours, some very sophisticated, chromed or iridesents, with glitters. The vast majority of nail polishes are inexpensive and sold in small sized bottles, perfect for your diy projects. Shortly nail polish can be a good alternative to paint sometimes: it's cheaper and you can buy it almost everywhere. Let's face it: we'll always have more bottles of nail varnish than cans of paint.
In addiction I'll show you a little trick to keep rounded surfaces from rolling while you paint them. 

Oggi vi mostrerò come trasformare delle innocue perle in un paio di orecchini decisamente aggressivi.
Ma prima vorrei fornirvi una buona scusa per comprare altri smalti per le unghie. Anche se pensati per decorare le nostre unghie, a volte gli smalti possono essere una furba alternativa alla vernice. Pensateci: esistono in mille colori diversi, alcuni molto sofisticati, cangianti o pieni di glitter; sono venduti in piccole dosi, perfette per i vostri progetti fai da te e spesso sono economici. E poi ammettiamolo: avremo sempre più bottigliette di smalto in casa che lattine di vernice. 
In più vi mostrerò un piccolo trucco per impedire alle superfici tonde di rotolare mentre le dipingete.

You'll need:
nail polish
2 pearls
2 earring hooks 
glue gun
metallic wire 

avrete bisogno di:
2 perle
una catenella
2 ganci per gli orecchini
colla a caldo
filo metallico

Plastic pieces from cocktail forks, previosly used to make crystal earrings

 ho usato delle punte in plastica ricavate da delle forchette da cocktail che precedentemente avevo usato per realizzare degli orecchini trasparenti

To keep pearls and other stuff from rolling while you're painting them you can temporarily glue them on a piece of paper using the glue gun

Per evitare che le superfici tonde rotolino mentre le dipingete potete incollarle temporanemente su un pezzetto di carta con della colla a caldo

Your sparkly nail polish will make these pearls shine
Il vostro smalto glitterato farà risplendere le perle
Good pearls gone bad: Paint the plastic forks pieces with black nail polish and then glue them onto the pearls

Stendete lo smalto nero sulle punte e poi incollatele sulla perla

Once everything is dry insert the metallic wire into the pearl and make a loop with pliers. Connect the spiky pearl to a piece of chain. Add a earring hook and you've done.

Quando la colla sarà asciutta  inserite nella perla il filo metallico e realizzate un gancetto. Collegate la vostra "mina" ad un pezzetto di catenella e la catenella ad un gancio per gli orecchini.


Anonymous said...

Very rad!

mtg said...

ha-ha-ha! perfect title for this project. I think what works for this DIy is also tough spikes and feminine pearls and glitter.

Matter Of Style said...

@Maya thanks Maya!

Anonymous said...

now this is what you call creativity! earrings like this would cost up to 10 dollars. i have to try this look. great blog girl :)

Sylvia Salas - Dare to DIY said...

You always come out with very different and creative ideas, this is why I love your blog everyday more and more!!

I hope everything's going well, enjoy the summer :)



Vief said...

Very creative, love the idea! Maybe going to try it myself :) I follow you now!

love, Vief

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You are really creative love those pices you make
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