Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vintage find of the day: the lace jumpsuit

Even if summer is arriving to its end I still feel the need of relaxing sunny days that's why I picked this fabulous vintage piece. It's a jumpsuit made of white lace and remainds of D&G summer collection plus it's a seventies design and we all know that the 70's mood will be en vogue this coming autumn.
If you feel the urge to live fashionably the last bits of summer, you can find this fab jumpsuit on ebay, here.


Barby said...

You should post some pictures of your new hair color :) Were you thinking about doing something different? I'm so not brave for this. I really want to change the style I have right now, but really don't know what should I do and I would probably regret it later. Oh so complicated :D I better not think about it. Or just change the color and not the shape.

Matter Of Style said...

Do you know what you should do?
Start browing the web for hairstyles to have an idea of what's cool right now. Save pics of your favorites.
For the cut select the girls with your similar face shape, these cuts will flatter you more. Do the same for the color, choose the shade of blonde worn by a girl with your colors,skin and eye color.
Print the pics and take them with you at the salon, they will help you communicate with the hairstylist so you can have what you want!

Barby said...

Grazie! :D That's a great advice, thanks so much. :)