Thursday, April 21, 2011

DIY inspiration: the scarf top




Hermes scarves are beautiful but very expensive. The maison started to produce these cards to show customers why their foulards are worth a buy:because they can be easily turned in a variety of clothes.
This spring is all about prints so scarves with their bold colors and patterns can make a fantastic top or accessory.
Try these easy folding and knotting tecniques and make your own top!
Now click here if you want to know how to make a bag out of a scarf.

I foulard di Hermes sono bellissimi ma decisamente costosi. Forse per convincere i potenziali consumatori all'acquisto Hermes ha cominciato a stampare questi cartoncini che mostano come con poche semplici mosse si possono ottenere top o accessori a partire dai loro famosi foulard.
Questa primavera le stampe colorate sono un must quindi i foulard, disponibili nelle fantasie piĆ¹ sgargianti, sono un ottimo modo di ottenere un top alla moda!
Provate anche voi!
Ora se volete vedere come ottenere una borsetta da un foulard cliccate pure qui!


Anonymous said...

I used to work for a company who had scarves and offered different ways to wear it - whether on the head, as a dress, top, bottom, etc... I adore this because the possibilities are pretty much endless.

Happy Friday!!!


Matter Of Style said...

thanks Mel, and happy Friday to you too!

Anonymous said...

oh these are cute...