Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Paper Bag DIY

No fashionista can be defined like that if she hasn't starved herself to save up the money to buy a bag (or at least to be written in a waiting list).
Bags we love are made of the same material dreams are made of :have you ever a touched a dream?I have never got in touch with something so expensive.
What is a material more down to earth present in our life we can relate with?
Today i wanted to sew just for fun a paper bag.
The idea came from the fact i wanted to "desecrate" the myth of an object of our desire using an uncommon,poor raw material and create a contrast between the shape of luxury (that is for the élite) and a material everyone gets in contact with.
So this material is paper.
I've treated paper this way.
I bought wrapping paper,i glued 4 layers of it and then i've laminated with scotch tape.
I would prefer opaque finish but ended being impossible.
This way i obtained a quite rigid waterproof material.
Then i put together the bag.
I've sewn as it was fabric.
I'll add a magnetic button to close the bag.
I've reinforced the bottom with a layer of pressed cardboard.
What do you think of the result?
Cool or cheap?

Nessuna fashionista può definirsi tale se non ha risparmiato anche sul cibo per mettere da parte i soldi necessari per comprare una borsa (o almeno per essere iscritta in una lista d'attesa).
Le borse che adoriamo sono fatte della stessa materia di cui sono fatti i sogni:avete mai toccato un sogno?
Non mi è mai capitato di toccare qualcosa di così costoso.
Quale materiale è più in contatto con la nostra realtà?
L'idea di oggi è una borsa di carta.
L'idea è quella di utilizzare una materia prima "povera" e creare un contrasto tra il simbolo del lusso (solo per l'elite) e un materiale con cui tutti hanno a che fare.
Il materiale prescelto è stato la carta.
Ho comprato dei fogli di carta da pacchi,ne ho incollati 4 strati e poi li ho plastificati con lo scotch.
Quello che si ottiene è un materiale abbastanza rigido e impermeabile.
Ho cucito il materiale come se fosse stoffa.
Ho rinforzato il fondo con del cartone pressato.
Che ne pensate del risultato?
Cool or cheap?


Lia said...

I absolutely LOVE this! So creative! What did you use for the faux lock? I may have to try this...it's so fun!

Matter Of Style said...

i forgot to say i still used the pressed material but i've painted with acrylic color in gold!
If you do this then let me see the pics!
thanks for your sweet comments :)

Millie said...

That's pretty creative, good job.

Sheps said...

That's super creative!

I'm a new follower, can't wait to see more of this genius!

Follow me back?

Grace said...

this is amazing - so impressed! great work.

Jac said...


Louise said...

Great job, but watch out...Steven Stolman got in big trouble with Hermes when he made his infamous, Jelly Kelly bag a few years ago, I think money even exchanged hands...yours is too cool, I'd rather have it then the real thing...truly!

Matter Of Style said...

Hi Louise thanks for your wise advice.
The bag wanted to be an "art" experiment and not a product.
I'll never sell this.

Louise said...

You are way beyond creative & talented which in my book doesn't always go hand in hand! Can't wait to see your next project!

chandler said...

This is great! so creative!


TyshaJames said...

omg i am lost for words! i absolutely love this!you are one creative and talented young lady! The craftsmanship is truly amazing! As someone said i would prefer this than the original bags anyday! I just found your blog and i'm in love with your pieces! i am so featuring you on my blog because your work and talent is truly inspiring and amazing hun!

Matter Of Style said...

thanks so much!

NoxCreare said...

Ciao!!! che bel blog complimenti!!!! ti seguo subito!!! volevo chiederti se avevi le misure per fare questa borsa..voglio provare ma non so da dove partire..(dalla foto non si vede molto!! grazie mille
ps: se ti va di dare un occhiata..pure io ho un blog DIY http://noxcreare.blogspot.it

Matter Of Style said...

Ciao Noemi, sono contenta che ti piaccia il blog!
Misuro la borsa e ti faccio sapere, ok?