Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jeremy Scott prosciutto dress

If you were wondering why models are so thin i might have the answer:because in the last days they have been wearing food instead of eating it.
After the Lady Gaga meat dress by Franc Fernandez at the VMAs here's the prosciutto dress from Jeremy Scott.
Gaga has justified her outfit choice saying that she doesn't want to be considered a piece of meat.
Her goal was to shock people and she did it. For me it was just a waste of food. Wear cold raw meat? What was she thinking? And this prosciutto dress? These models look like grissini al prosciutto a tasteful antipasto.
Next time we're buying prosciutto:please give me 1 meter i have to make a skirt with it.
Can you please cut another slice, i would like to put a ruffle on the back!
A prosciutto skirt would be a guilt free excuse to wear the skirt only once!
Picture of Mesclun with Prosciutto Grissini Recipe

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Motel cut out dress

I saw this dress by Motel, i like the colour choice and the cut out detail on the back. I like when images are used in fabric prints to create geometrical and colour effects.

nice buys at topshop part 2

Attention on cuffs:Armor cuffs by topshop. They give a multiple bangle effect with a nice dress and can look more aggressive and armor like with a punkish look. They're available in black too and they're new from topshop. This color is interesting, it's carta da zucchero, a light blue. Instead of buying this we can make on our own with elastic bands.

Nice buys at topshop
It's not cold yet but we're starting to see some nice coats in shops. This morning new in stock i saw this fur collar and cuff coat. This furry borders are hot this season!
What's new at topshop?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rare Collection

Time for some high street fashion. Here's new fresh pieces from Rare, my favorite piece is the first dress with the detailed bra, nice pale colour with quilted neckline. The 4° piece with military/space arms in gold color is nice too.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Seychelles Romance Lace-Up Boot
I'm thinking about shoes for the winter, i'm searching for slightly over the knee boots but the truth is that i'm obsessed with ankle boots. I've bougth many during the years. I saw this pair, it's a mix of ankle boots, lace up, i think they're perfect for the city!

DIY: a cardboard bag

Surfing the net i found this tutorial on how to make a bag with just glue, a piece of cardboard and a piece of fabric, that can be a scrap piece. It's easy to do, really quick and can be a great idea to make a bag that matches a dress you made with the same fabric.
Let's watch. The video is in portuguese but the audio is not necessary watching is enough.

D&G spring summer 2011 enchanted garden

D&G WOMEN'S SHOW SS 11 - 4_1D&G WOMEN'S SHOW SS 11 - 5_1

D&G is the collection for girls by Dolce e Gabbana take us in a enchanted garden, flower prints,lace dresses, plateau shoes, high wedges,wide leg trousers,jumpsuits.
Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana explained: "We want to slow down time, without technology we would be lost but we want dedicate more time to more personal stuff like our relationship with nature. We have to respect nature, we want to redeem the arrogance of last 10 years“.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wearing granny's curtains

Last year trends and the future ones (spring 2011) propose the lace dress. These lace dresses (well dresses,long shirts) have fringes at the end. The Gucci propose for spring 2011 is particular.This fabric is made of macramé that is a technique to make texlile knotting the thread. It's really time consuming so really precious. Looking in the bottom drawer of your grandmother i'm sure you'll find some towel or curtain decorated that way.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome to the Milano Fashion Week

Welcome to the Milano fashion week!
This week at Milano 78 designers will show their spring/summer 2011 collections. This year the catwalks will take place in the centre of the city moving from Milano Fiera to Loggia dei Mercanti, Palazzo Clerici and il Circolo filologico.
It's a new edition that will not allow the magazine's directors rule the calendar. Last year Anna Wintour forced big designers to rearrange the show calendar to allow her be in the front row.
The director of Vogue would like The Milan Fashion Week be a long weekend.
The pictured you see above are from Gucci Spring 2011 collection.
Some gossip: Elena Mirò, designer of curvy women has been excluded from the official calendar.
The official reason is that her brand is not as famous as others and don't represent Italy in the World, but others say her curvy models are not welcome. Size over 44 don't represent prêt-à-porter. That's a really different opinion compared to last year where Elena Mirò opened the week making a statement against anorexia.
This year Elena Mirò collection is inspired by the fifthies when women's curves were en vogue.

Elena Miro'
Elena Mirò spring 2011

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Knuckle ring: the london bridge

london england tower bridge three finger brass knuckles acrylic ring
H&M recently has produced a 4 fingers knuckle ring but it has been recalled from shops because it was declared illegal. Now in shops you can find the 2 fingers version.
I was browsing the internet when i saw this fun knuckle ring!
Do you recognise it? It's the London Bridge! This is a ring that will get you noticed!
Knuckle ring are hot this time, but the first time they caught my eye was on the super cool knuckle bag by Alexander McQueen. Rings decorate the hand and plus are the handles of the bag.

Mary Katrantzou Spring 2011 Collection

Structured shoulders and lamp skirts for Mary Katrantzou and really unusual prints.
These women's silhouttes are living paintings, windows over landscapes or better over beautiful houses or hotel suites. Fornitures pictured are artdeco, i would say they are european. Necklaces are chandeliers.
Looking them as a whole the colors are very vivid and the simmetry of the pictures give to the drawing a geometrical appereance. The close look reveals the nature of the pictures and you accually see it's furniture. I think these dresses are fun. like the ceiling schrug of the first picture,very geometrical, the lamp skirt and top with the terrace view and the dress with windows over it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vintage find of the day: cut out black dress

Here' s the find of the day a black peplum dress with a particul cut out neckline. Another find from the past that looks up-to-date:you can buy it here!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

David Koma and his weavy skirts


These skirt caught my eye on Topshop Inside Out blog and they are from David Koma 2010 collection. They are flirty and full.The effect is accentuated by the color contrast, the classic black and white and the more aggressive yellow black.
I found a very beautiful vintage piece that i want to share with you that affirm these same concepts, it's from Pierre Cardin.
It's a very avant garde silhuoette with the statement color contrast, looking so new and modern but at the same time classical with something different.
We have so much to learn from vintage fashion, it's where is all the inspiration for the new fashion.
eBay Image Hosting at www.auctiva.comeBay Image Hosting at www.auctiva.comeBay Image Hosting at

Men on High heels

A Strange thing happened on Iris Van herpen fashion show: a male model walked the catwalk in high heels and long leather dress.
First let's give a clap to this man that could walk on those impossible heels!
Clothes that are a thermometer of social custom tell us that the differences between man and woman are becoming less defined and rigid. With the affirmation of women rights a new
androgynous model of being is emerging.To understand who others are we have to get to know people, explore their world, we just can anymore classify people by the same old clichés of gender classifications.
On her last video of Lady Gaga, Alejandro men danced on heels and made a choreography with smooth moves suitable for a woman and then she posed for Vogue Japan as a man Joe Calderone.

if you want to know what if feels to be a man or al least look like a man, you can try to buy Asos new collection Girls will be Boys
A Blur song (Girls and Boys) says
Girls who are boys
Who like boys to be girls
Who do boys like they’re girls
Who do girls like they’re boys
Always should be someone you really love