Friday, October 18, 2013

Quilted heart sweater DIY

The inspiration: Moschino fall 2013 - fall 2012

If you fell in love with clothes decorated with hearts enjoy this easy jumper makeover. Take inspiration from Moschino, the heart is a classic symbol of the maison and transform your plain sweater in a fashion must have. Wear your new sweater with white, red, black and with check patterns.
Pair a big decoration with refined details and add small heart shaped buttons, they're cute and naive.
If you buy the quilted fabric you can do the trasformation in two steps: cut the heart shape turn the edge inside and stitch the heart on the sweater. I haven't found the quilted fabric in my local shop so I'll show you how to do the quilting, it's just a small piece of fabric so it's fairly quick. I hope you'll like it!

Kylie Minogue in her video wearing Moschino jacket

You'll need:
  • a sweater
  • 6 heart buttons
  • 25 cm of red cotton fabric and batting or 25 cm of red quilted fabric
  • draw a heart shape

Substitute black buttons with heart shaped ones. If the sweater doesn't have buttons stitch fake ones anyway.

Place the batting and two layers of red fabric on the table. Put the heart shape on top of everything.
Fasten with pins. Stitch all together following the heart shape.

Leave a few cm open. Take off the pattern.

This is how it looks on the back.

Clip the seam allowance every few cm on the curved edge.

Turn the heart inside out and hand stitch the open side.

Draw the quilted pattern with the help of a 45 degrees square ruler. Each square has a 4 cm side.

Put the pattern on the heart again and stitch the quilting.

Rip the paper with caution.
Pin the quilted heart on the sweater and stitch in on top. You've done!


Unknown said...

Such a good idea! loVE IT!

Vintage Apparel. said...

Great idea,I might try this sometime!Your blog is so nice ,id love if we both followed eachother?,let me know if you would like to , ella x

Unknown said...

So gorgeous! This is such a great idea! - I've wanted to make some sort of a heart top for ages. I love how you've included the buttons too, they really look so good

Matter Of Style said...

thanks girls, I'm happy you liked it! :)