Saturday, August 3, 2013

5 funny and creative fake gauge earrings

fake gauge earrings
Polymer clay Pencils via Etsy

Get inspired by these funny and creative fake gauge earrings. Most of these are made with polymer clay but there are a lot of objects around the house that can be cut easily in two to make your istant pair of fake gauge earrings.

The pencil earrings above are made of polymer clay but I think that  real colored pencils can be used too. Any creative person should have a pair!

Grumpy cat fake gauge earrings via Etsy
The tail of this cat moves! Really funny pair of earrings.

Octopus fake gauge earrings via Etsy

3d dinosaur stud earrings by artfire

This is a really clever transformation of a common object into a unusual accessory. Any plastic toy animal can be used, cut in two and transformed into a pair of earrings.

Shark earrings
Beach appropriate pair of earrings!

Enthusiast as I am? Get inspired and make your fake gauge earrings but don't get too carried away like this boy did!


ColoredVogue said...

nice one
but the one the guy tried looks kinda scary


Yeah they might look nice, but the thing is that polymer clay isnt good for your skin, and most of piercing experts can tell you that too. I used as a kid polymer jewelry in my ears and they never healed and were really sore.. So i cant recommend to use those

Abbey @ Quirk 'n' Bramble said...

Oh, man. I really need to make some of these, now. Especially the pencil one!

mtg said...

I would wear the pencil one. cute!

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