Thursday, November 8, 2012

3 ways to wear mustache with style

mustache slippers
via Carolines Mode
similar mustache slippers can be found at Zara and Nordstrom

mustache scarf
Mustache neckwarmes : tweed and knitted one
mustache ring, mustace bracelet
mustache double ring - mustache bracelet

Mustache made a funny appeareance in fashion a couple of years ago and never left the scene ever since!
The hilarious trend is contagious. Mustache can be found on shoes, tees, scarfs, think something and you can find with mustache on it.
Ever though mustache could look good on a girl? 
Most of these mustache werables can be diy-ed, like the mustache neckwarmer for example sewing a piece of leather onto a scarf or even easier a piece of felt.
You can paint on your flats a pair of mustache or if you're keen on wire jewerly you can make a mustache bracelet.


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