Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mint and leopard

arm party,outfit,pastel colors,mint,leopard,cupcake ring

arm party,outfit,pastel colors,mint,leopard

Yesterday I decided to pair my new DIY jumper with a leopard skirt and then to play with pastel colors with accessories. I got my new bracelets made of python skin in Florence, a city that it's like leather goods heaven. If you've been there at least once you'll know that the city streets are filled with stores that sell beautiful and colored leather goods and actually thinking at Florence the smell of leather is one thing you'll remember. Every time I go there I buy a small leather accessory, last time I bought a little wallet, this time these three bracelets.

arm party,outfit,pastel colors,mint,leopard


Unknown said...

I love this combination!! Your sweater is gorgeous!! :)

Me and my friends were thinking of going to Florence in February and if we decide to go I would ask you if you could tell me where are the best places to shop, eat etc. :)

Matter Of Style said...

hi barby, sure :D

Katrine - make it and fake it said...

I love your nail polish, what is it?

love K

Zane said...

adore the minty color, it's just perfect

Matter Of Style said...

hi K, it's deborah sense tech 100% matt n°4

Tara said...

Love the rings and the bracelets!
Followed, follow back :)

Thriftanista in the City said...

I love this color combo. It's lovely. Sweet and edgy.

Inès said...

the nail polish is so cute, and i think it goes perfectly with the bracelets and the leo skirt! the colors are well mixed!

Its Mine I Made It said...

looove your nails color. sooo cute.all your pictures are great. amazing blog =)
love, alex