Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DIY ombrè nails

two colors of your choice and the top coat
due colori a vostra scelta e il top coat

 start applying one color on your nails and let it dry
stendete il primo colore e lasciatelo asciugare

apply the second color at the end of the nail and before it dries apply the top coat insisting with the brush at the point where one color changes in the other you'll see the 2 colors blending together
if you don't get it right the first time keep trying!

 applicate il secondo colore sulla punta dell'unghia e prima che si asciughi stendete il top coat. Ripassate più volte sulla linea di separazione tra i due colori e noterete i due colori mescolarsi.

here's the two colors blended,the effect should be one color changing into the other and the ombrè manicure is done!
ecco i due colori mescolati, l'effetto che dovreste ottenere è l'illusione di un colore che sfumi nell'altro e la vostra manicure è finita!


Unknown said...

This looks so beautiful! I love the combination of pink and orange :D
I must give this a try, thanks for sharing.

mtg said...

This is too cool. I must try it!

Great blog, I just discovered you several days ago when you posted your Christopher Kane clutch/pouch DIY. I had a similar idea and I'll definitely link up if I ever get to actually DIY-ing mine ;)

Maggie Lamarre said...

this kewl luv the colours..
Don't forget to join our linking party at

Anonymous said...

FUN!!!! Love the clutch by the way! :)


Unknown said...

uh-uh! need to give it a try!!

Matter Of Style said...

i'm so happy you all liked it! :D

@Maya Hi! I'm happy you found me :D
You too have a great blog!

@Hi Maggie thanks for letting me know i'll join for sure! :D

@Mel i'm so in love with croc effect leather and i don't know why but i keep buying expecially green croc leather bags!

@donatella and @barby can't wait to see the colors you'll choose!

shopnowsavelater said...

LOve this gotta try it! Very summery! xoxo ty