Monday, February 14, 2011

An unusual DIY

I was browsing Topshop and i've found this. Definitely an extreme DIY and, let me say it, a little bit weird! Maybe he won't be loquacious but i bet he won''t complain if you buy another pair of shoes :D
Maybe this is the reason why it's sold out!

Guardate cosa ho trovato sfogliando il catalogo online di Topshop. Decisamente un fai da te estremo.E' vero, non sarà loquace ma non si lamenterà per l'ennesimo paio di scarpe che porterete a casa.
Sarà per questo che è già esaurito.


Mishell Orta said...

He looks like a body builder! haha it reminds me of an episode of Sabrina, the teenage witch (i don´t know if you ever watched that show), but she cooked a "dough man" and you could add any spices that you´d lke for him to be friendly, love music, etc. THe only sad thing is that he started to decay after a couple of hours...Sad.

Matter Of Style said...

ah ah, yes i've seen it :D