Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cut out shoes DIY

fashion diy,shoes diy,diy shoes,zanotti diy,zanotti shoes

fashion diy,shoes diy,diy shoes,zanotti diy,zanotti shoes

It's Christmas,everything can happen.
In fairytales a frog's dream is to be kissed so he transforms in a prince so a pair of Primark shoes can dream to transform in a much more expensive pair of Zanotti particularly in Zanotti mountainious shoes,shoes i've been looking with desire for a year now.

A Natale tutto può succedere.Come un ranocchio dopo essere stato baciato può diventare un principe così un paio di scarpe economiche come un paio di Primark possono sognare di diventare un paio di Zanotti,in particolare le Zanotti mountanious shoes scarpe che desidero da un anno ormai.

fashion diy,shoes diy,diy shoes,zanotti diy,zanotti shoes
the inspiration: Zanotti mountanious shoes

Let's go.I started with a pair of primark cuff shoes.These are particularly right for the project because they don't have any zipper at the side like many other shoes i've seen,they are pull on intead plus they are already studded in gold.Zanotti shoes have silver studs and black rhinestones.

Cominciamo.Ho comprato un paio di primark con la fascia alla caviglia.Sono perfette per il progetto perchè sono senza zip laterali che rovinerebbero l'intaglio, si infilano soltanto tirando,in più sono già borchiate. Le Zanotti hanno borchiette argentate e cristalli neri.
fashion diy,shoes diy,diy shoes,zanotti diy,zanotti shoes
Primark shoes £25

I've drawn the shape of the profile of the shoes life size.I've put the shoes onto the paper and drawn the contour and inside that contour i've drawn the shoe-shape

Ho disegnato il profilo della scarpa da realizzare.Ho coricato le scarpe sul foglio e ne ho tracciato i contorni.Dentro i contorni ho disegnato la forma.
fashion diy,shoes diy,diy shoes,zanotti siy,zanotti shoes

and cut

ho tagliato la forma

fashion diy,shoes diy,diy shoes,zanotti diy,zanotti shoes

I've fastened the model onto the shoes with pins

e assicurata alla scarpa con degli spilli

fashion diy,shoes diy,diy shoes,zanotti diy,zanotti shoes

I've started cutting the shoes with scissors
ho cominicato a tagliare le scarpe

fashion diy,shoes diy,diy shoes,zanotti diy,zanotti shoes

halfway done

mezza scarpa è fatta

fashion diy,shoes diy,diy shoes,zanotti diy,zanotti shoes

I've finished cutting the shoes then with the cut part (i've cut big pieces only) i've decorate the front of shoes.I've sewn the 2 bars and the flames on the front.This was hard with a normal needle and no cobbler equipment.I've finished ironing on some gold rhinestuds on the front where there was nothing attached and i've done! Giuseppe Zanotti is a total genious, a great master,i love every shoe he designs.

Ho finito di tagliare le scarpe e poi con la parte tagliata (sono stata attenta a fare pezzi grossi) ho decorato la parte frontale delle scarpe.Ho cucito le 2 barre davanti e le fiamme.Questa è stata la parte difficile con solo un ago e nessun equipaggiamento da calzolaio. Ho finito incollando con il ferro da stiro delle borchiette dove mancavano sul davanti.E ho finito!
Sono fermamente convinta che Giuseppe Zanotti sia un genio assoluto,un grande maestro,adoro ogni scarpa che progetta!


Unknown said...

OMG I can't believe how gorgeous are these shoes. And I can't believe you made them, amazing! Can you make one for me? :) heheheh

Matter Of Style said...

hi barbie thanks for the sweet comment
don't fear to try doing your own,the worst that can happen is to ruin £25 shoes :)

jess said...

These are incedible, and I'm amazed by your vision - I never could have seen the original's DIY potential. Can't wait to have a go

Tasja said...


Great idea! I would never thought about cutting my shoes xD

Oh Emma. said...

Very impressed :)

jasa said...

wow! líke your blog very much.

Matter Of Style said...

thanks to all, i'm really happy to read all these positive feedbacks thanks :D said...

congrats that is a great DIY!


Morgane said...

Wow! This DIY is one of the most impressive I saw thorough the huge amont of blogs I'm following!
This is truly amazing!

I was thinking maybe to publish it on my blog, I'm so impressed I need to share! :) Of course I will link it to your blog. Is that okay for you?

Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes and advices for the guitar! I can't wait for my fingers to get use to it :)


Matter Of Style said...

of course you can share morgane! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow these are amazing! I really must take time out of my busy schedule to try and DIY one of your creations! Can I feature your blog on mine? I'll just post a few pictures of the shoes you've made then link back to your blog so my readers can find out out to make them! Is that OK? X

Matter Of Style said...

of course,thanks fo your attention :)

pret amoda said...

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Little Nell said...

This is one of the most impressive DIY's I've seen a while, but such a simple idea... I've found it on A Pair and A Spare and I'll definitely be following you from now on!

Penny x

Matter Of Style said...

Thanks crafty nell! :)

Unknown said...

so so so good. i was literally smiling ear to ear when i saw this. further proof that we dont need to spend big to get what we want ;)


Matter Of Style said...

thanks kasturi,it's fun to find solutions to fashion problems :D
it's creative gymnastic!

NRC♥ said...

Pure creative genius x

shopnowsavelater said...

wow wow wow wow wow! u keep on impressing me with every post! your vision for creativity is beyond in sane! i love this! and i prefer the gold studs than the original! cheers! xoxo ty

Timlou_x said...

Your creativity is INSANE! I would have never thought of this! Amazing idea...

Matter Of Style said...

thanks :D