Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DIY lab: the zippy dress

Hi sweet readers, today i bring to your attention the zippy dress. The dress you see above is by Sebastian Errazuriz but we can sew our own. This dress is dynamic and can change with your mood or as necessary. You can litterally cut off pieces and have a different style. As you go out the office you can open two or three zips off and you get a shorter skirt for your evening.
This dress has a wow effect but is super easy to do. It does not require any pattern!
To do this project:
  • measure yourself carefully (bust,waist,hips)
  • take your bigger measure (hips) and buy a bunch of zippers of this length.These zippers can be expensive so you'd better buy in bulk on ebay, these are metallic
  • start to fasten the zippers with pins, put just the borders one onto another and start building your "fabric"; follow your measures, you can use a dress you already own as guideline
  • pay attention to leave all the closures at the center back. Make an ideal straight line with them
  • the difficult part is to cut the zippers at the right lenght. You have to cut them and secure the end as needed following your silhouette line (leave enought space to move into the dress).
  • sew the zippers together and you've done
now, you say how i put on this dress? there are zippers everywhere but not where needed.
I would put snap buttons

under the side of the zip that remains attached to the dress when the zipper is cut off. Snap buttons would remain invisible. With this type of closure you'll have to close all the buttons to wear the dress. This can be time consuming but if you don't want a "dynamic" dress on the top but still like the look then you can just sew another zipper vertically and open the dress to wear it easily, you can buy a different zipper for this purpose a all black one that will remain quite invisible.
Have fun with your new dress!

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laurenjean. said...

this is amazing i love it! keep the diy"s coming!!