Thursday, November 4, 2010

DIY: Do your own Kelly by Hermes

Hi all recession fashionistas. If you're not in that privileged elite (who is?) who can efford the ferrari of bags: the Hermes Kelly
DO your own!
Today i offer you a super DIY project: the pattern of the IT bag!
Now first thing you can do is do your own Kelly in paper!
Want it more resistant?
Use pressed cardboard, it's thick, rigid very resistant.and then? Paint it, decorate it, decoupage it with animal print papers (make your crocodile one), floral paper and so on.
If your a good sewer try do it in fabric or in leather.
NOW:Unleash your creativity!
And send me you works!! I'll publish your bags!


already colored one:

Download colored

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Anonymous said...

These are so cool, I love your DIY ideas!! Sofia xx